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Montara is the northernmost of the mid-coast seaside towns, pleasantly isolated from the surrounding metropolitan areas by a scenic and very hikeable range of hills. Fundamentally a quiet bedroom community (but with several local businesses) it offers a wide variety of home architecture styles (from restored 19th century homes to ultra-modern palatial hillside masterpieces), lot sizes, and views. From standard lots to 5-acre equestrian properties, and oceanfront to sylvan foothill settings, the town has maintained its eclectic sense of style and rural independence.
Natural features include state beaches and parks, and the protected and accessible open spaces of the extensive Golden Gate National Recreation Area. San Francisco is just 20 minutes away, as is a major international airport.
It is very easy to achieve a palpable sense of separation from the mundane life “over the hill” and find affordable tranquility to greet you every morning and evening.
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