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El Granada/Princeton-by-the-Sea is five square miles of everything one hopes to find in a coastal town. Located at the northern cusp of Half Moon Bay, El Granada was originally planned and laid out as a seaside resort for San Franciscans at the end of the 19th century. It is now home to over 2,000 households, many businesses and restaurants, and an active harbor and fishing port where you can buy fresh fish and crab right at the boats.
The area is most widely known as the location of the Mavericks big waves area and international surfing competition, with breakers routinely cresting at 25 feet and reaching a wintertime maximum of up to 60 feet in height. There are far more options for outdoor activities, however, with literally miles of beach access and bluff-top walking trails and paths, 640 acres of parks (plus a new national park – Rancho Corral de Tierra), and a paved coastal trail that extends several miles south past the city of Half Moon Bay.
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