Golden Gate Sotheby's International Realty Photography Requirements

High-quality photography is paramount for both digital and print marketing. All images must be easily identifiable - not distorted, stretched, blurry, grainy, or pixilated. Please make sure you have appropriately secured the right to use all photos. For our brokerage video requirements, click here.


Dimensions and File Specifications:

Preferred file size 5000 Pixels wide, but no less than 3000 pixels wide. Note: we no longer require a web-sized set of images as downsizing is now automated.

Horizontal orientation is preferred for best results on all websites. Vertically oriented photos are cropped to horizontal on some websites, so not recommended.

Photography Standards:

Purposeful photography provides consumers with useful information about the property details including the property’s features and amenities, the rooms’ scale and proportions, and the surrounding landscape. Every photo should help to tell the home’s unique story, not only through the image depicted but also in the order the photos are viewed.

Avoid images of the following:

  • People and/or pets
  • Vehicles
  • Garbage cans, dumpsters, trash bins, construction debris
  • Personal items - including toiletries and care items
  • Chain-linked fencing
  • Competitor or any other signage
  • Utility rooms
  • Satellite dishes
  • Toilets
  • Mobile homes
  • Photos with overlaid logos, graphics, text, or illustrations

Duplicate photos and split-screen photos (where more than 1 image is used in a single photo) are not allowed.

Photo Editing:

Use Photoshop and other image editing programs sparingly. Excessive editing, including the overuse of filters and color adjustment tools, can make images appear fake and unappealing. Computer-generated renderings should be realistic, and should not include digital human/animal stand-ins.

Virtual Staging Standards:

Virtually staged photos are acceptable, but we are obligated to indicate the photo has been virtually staged by including a watermark on the virtually staged photos. Watermarks should be placed in the lower right-hand corner and should be a minimum of 8pt font and a maximum of 12.5pt and should state “Virtually staged.” (roOomy creates watermarks automatically.) It is recommended that notes are added to the photo caption field stating the photo has been virtually staged.


  • Photographer submits Dropbox – or other cloud storage link – to agent
  • Agent enters images into Elevate or sends Dropbox link for listing launch to the marketing department
  • Staff enters listing photos into the Media Library of Elevate and adds select photos to the Listing Photo section (maximum of 50) in the preferred MLS order

Number of Photos for Syndication:

  • Maximum number of photos: 50
  • Residential property on - minimum 6 photos
  • Residential property syndication - minimum 10 photos
  • New Developments - minimum 1 photo
  • Land/Lots - minimum 1 photo


For questions, please contact the GGSIR Marketing Department at