Golden Gate Sotheby's International Realty Video Requirements

GGSIR syndicates videos on behalf of agents to multiple platforms and portals. Failure to provide required formats will result in the inability to post the video in some locations and/or incur extra fees to correct. For our brokerage photography requirements, click here.


All pure videos (those with no still images incorporated) should come in two versions from the Videographer: Unbranded and Branded. All hybrid videos (those with still images incorporated) should be Branded. An unbranded version is not necessary for hybrid videos.

All final videos must be rendered at 1080p or 4K in an uncompressed .MOV or .MP4 file format.

Branded Video (for both Hybrid and Pure videos)

  • Includes text for:
    • The property address
    • Agent name
    • Agent Lic.#
    • Agent phone number
    • Any additional agent contact details the agent deems appropriate
    • Full company name (Golden Gate Sotheby's International Realty) or logo
  • Includes the Golden Gate Sotheby’s International Realty logo displayed at minimum:
    • At any point within the opening 10 seconds of the video
    • And with the agent details at the close of the video
  • Audio:
    • Music soundtrack is required and must be Royalty Free
    • Should be free of lyrics or clean, undistracting lyrics used very sparingly
    • Voiceover audio must be clear and crisp, extolling the virtues of the property or destination in an unobtrusive manner.
  • Sample Branded Videos:
  • Branded videos will be redistributed to the Golden Gate SIR YouTube and Vimeo channel and may be selected for use in ongoing GGSIR marketing efforts on social media channels and/or third-party sites such as or among others.
  • Branding materials and specs are available here:
    Dropbox for Materials and Specs

Unbranded Video (for Pure videos only)

  • Contains NO text at all
  • Contains NO logos at all
  • Contains NO graphics or animation at all
  • This version is required by Sotheby’s corporate for the channels such as and network sites like the New York Times, Financial Times, Luxury Estate, Mansion Global, and any additional websites as Sotheby’s corporate chooses to feed to in the future.
  • Unbranded videos may also be edited down to trailers by Sotheby’s corporate or GGSIR staff for use in other marketing efforts, such as Instagram, the home page, or the GGSIR home page to name a few.

Videos that do not meet the above criteria cannot be uploaded to all channels.


  • Videographer edits all full-length videos.
  • Videos should be proofed and approved by the Agent first, to ensure correct contact details have been used, and video is acceptable to the Agent.
  • Videographer should make final videos downloadable by the Agent and the Video Team via Vimeo, Dropbox, or other method for downloading the full, uncompressed final video file.
  • Videographer should email a confirmation to the Agent and to that the videos are available for download.
    • Subject line should resemble the following format for ease of tracking and distributing: “Video - 123 Main St - Agent Name”
  • The GGSIR Video Team will process the videos to the appropriate channels for distribution.

For questions, please contact the GGSIR Video Team at