As told by Studio McGee.

With each new season, we take the opportunity to refresh our spaces and add new life to each vignette. Whether we hang a seasonal wreath on the front door or switch out our textiles to reflect our surroundings, each element works together to create a unique feeling in the home.

In search of inspiration, we reached out to a few of our favorite designers to ask them how they bring summer into their homes. Scroll through to read their answers and shop a few of their favorite warm-weather finds. 

Arvin Olano

This season I’m bringing Summer into my home with a soft muted palette of green, brown, and accents of black for some contrast. I love finding pieces that not only look good for the current season but will also work year round. Pieces that always have a place in my home are always high in texture, vintage or vintage inspired, and one of a kind objects that tell a story.

Ajiri Aki

I love to bring summer vibes into my home by playing around with little decorative touches like switching out pillows on my couch and setting out lots of summery citrus fruits in bowls and footed fruit stands.

Paula Sutton 

I love Hill House to feel cosy during the colder months, but Summer is the perfect time for an invigorating refresh. I always endeavour to introduce the colours and textures that reflect the lighter days and the relaxed mood of the season. I’m known for my love of colour, but during the Summer months I also like to bring lighter neutrals and fresher linen fabrics into the mix. Coupled with basket ware and rattan, there is a sense of embracing the softer ambience of nature and mirroring the authentic natural textures of our surroundings into our interiors.

Lauren Liess

We are bringing summer into our home with fresh scents (seasonal flowers, herbs, and veggies from the garden) and foraged greenery! There is nothing better than walking into a room and seeing bits of natural materials from the outside in!

Alyssa Rosenheck 

With summer schedules filling up, I like to have my physical space represent slowing down. I do this by incorporating layers of visual rest starting with a soothing earth tone palette. Urns and old bowls are my favorite way to incorporate patina and a calming weathered look. You will also find me soaking up the warm southern summers on our screened in porch. I love to bring the indoors out with a few simple stripes, calming hues and classic entertaining pieces.”

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