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Douglas S. Cramer is best known as a prophetic cultural producer of television, helping create many of the most successful and recognizable television shows in history, like The Brady Bunch, Star Trek, Wonder Woman and Loveboat. But he was also a visionary art collector, and built an astounding collection of some of the greatest masterworks of his generation, forming close personal relationships with artists. Andy WarholRoy LichtensteinEllsworth Kelly, and Jasper Johns weren’t just names to Douglas Cramer, they were his friends. In this video, join some of the leading art world figures that knew him best. Art Dealer Jefferey Deitch, Broad Museum Founder Edythe Broad, Whitney Museum Director Adam Weinberg, Senior Gagosian Director Deborah McLeod and Art Advisor Amy Cappallazzo illustrate how Douglas Cramer and his collection represented “only the best”.

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